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Please note: It is consequently very important that the burner cover/ring is placed correctly on the burner. The burner ring has been provided with holes for the ignition electrode, and the thermo sensor. If the burner cover/ring are wrongly placed the burner will operate incorrectly, and the burners may be damaged within at short space of time. Burner ring Burner cover Correct Wrong Ignition electrode (A) The burner has been provided with an ignition electrode. As long as the operating knob is depressed, the automatic ignition will ensure that a spark is emitted between the ignition electrode and the burner cover. Burner Main nozzle Burner ring Burner cap Thermo Sensor (B) The hob unit features fully-secured gas taps (thermo-fuse) In case the flame goes out, the thermo sensor automatically prevents gas admission after a few seconds (max. 90 seconds). Note: Gas admission is always allowed while the operation button is pressed See start-up procedure Ignition electrode (A) Thermo Sensor (B) 7 The wok-unit has a special pan support which enables use of a wok pot with curved bottom. When using cooking utensils with a flat bottom the diameter of the utensils must not be less than 26 cm. 8 Ignitions 1. Depress and turn the control knob for the burner, the left to Max. flame 2. The ignition electrode will emit sparks, and when the mixture of gas and air is correct, the burner will be ignited. Is not possible to connect the unit to mains, a match may be used to ignite the burner 3. After starting the burner, press the control knob for approx. 10 seconds to activate the automatic thermo couple. Important Ignition position is at Max flame 9 Cleaning and maintenance of For reasons of hygiene and safety, the cooking burner must be kept clean. Grease stains and spilled food generate smoke when heated, and can even cause fire...
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