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Фрагмент инструкции: руководство пользователя IBM THINKPAD A31P

Подробные указания по применению содержатся в руководстве пользователя.

Match the items on this list with the items in the box. If any item is missing or damaged, please contact your place of purchase. h Computer h Battery pack h Telephone cable h Power cord h Books: v Setup Guide v Service and Troubleshooting Guide v Manual package for Microsoft® Windows® tu Se p ui de f Re er en Note: Some models may contain additional items that are not listed. ce G e Us r's h AC adapter © Copyright IBM Corp. 2000 1 Setting up your computer 1. Installing the battery. Align the left side of the battery with the left side of the battery space in the computer 1 ; then gently push the battery into the space 2. Connecting to a power source. Connect the ac adapter to the computer's power jack (at the rear of the computer). Make the connections in the order shown. 2 3. Turning on the system. a) Open the computer display. Press the latches 1 and open the display 2. Then position the display so that it is convenient for viewing. b) Press the power switch 1. 3 4. Using the TrackPoint®. The TrackPoint is a unique device for moving the cursor on the screen. Using the TrackPoint, you can perform all of the operations of a mouse. The left and right buttons function like the left and right buttons on a mouse. To move the cursor, use the TrackPoint pointer at the center of the keyboard. Press gently with your left or right index finger in the direction you want to move the cursor. To select and drag an object, press and hold one of the buttons with either thumb, as required by your software. Click means to press the left button once. Double-click means to press the left button twice within 1 second. For more information about the TrackPoint, press the ThinkPad button to open Access ThinkPad, your on-board help system. Using the volume control...
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